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Groovywish Women Shoes Fur Anti-slip Orthopedic Snow Boots

Groovywish Women Shoes Fur Anti-slip Orthopedic Snow Boots

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Does walking feel uncomfortable and painful?
The Groovywish Boot is what you need:

What makes Groovywish different?

  • Distributing Pressure Evenly - The full-length orthopedic insert delivers the ideal balance of strength and padding to promote comfort, minimize fatigue, and improve stride efficiency.
  • Foot Massaging - Our orthopedic cushiony soles gently hug your entire foot gently, providing superior padding and shock resistance.
  • Mending Imbalanced Posture - The boot insoles allow for balancing foot force and modification of bad postures, which do not harm daily usage and boost wearers' confidence.
  • Slip Resistant Outsole - Slip-resistant traction outsole with water resistance

Geiasou Innovative Pain Relief Arch-Support Insoles

  • Geiasou Orthotics Insole is designed to support your longitudinal arch and provide the alignment needed to reduce over-pronation. They also help relieve foot injuries caused by repetitive stress by absorbing shock, providing cushioning, and transferring pressure away from high impact areas.
  • The Geiasou Orthotics Insole utilizes premium, shock absorbing materials designed to cushion and support the body while protecting the foot.
  • A key goal of Geiasou Orthotics is to provide alignment and to keep the foot closer to the neutral position throughout the gait cycle which reduces stress on the plantar fascia, knees, hips and back.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maria Maia (Seattle, US)
Excellent shoes.

I got a very comfy boot. It is warm and its outsole is perfect for non slip on water, snow, and oil. I have been very satisfied and have recommended this store to my friends.

Addie Runte

The boot is a great fit to the foot. Great for cold winter days ahead. Comfortable with the arch support.

Demario Daniel

Winter horse barn boots. Fit and feel are great. Just what my wife needed for cold winter trips to the barn. The tread is perfect to grip the snow/slush/ice! No more slipping for me!

Kenya Lang

Love my boots! They arrived on time and I was able to wear them around the house to make sure that they would fit and feel good. A few days later and warm out to the mountains, and went snowmobiling. My feet stayed warm and dry the whole time which is the first time in my life that my feet have been warm in the mountains for the whole day. Love love love !

Rosella Schultz

they fit like a glove. The soles are nice and grippy. Very well constructed and solid boot. Extremely happy with them.

Why Groovywish shoes getting 5-star reviews?

  • Innovative Ortho-Pain Relief System for comfortable feeling when standing all day
  • Wide toe-box and Stretchable upper helps eliminate pressure on bunions
  • Superior cushioning helps enjoy the pain relief and feel like you're walking on clouds with each and every step
  • Ergonomic sole with mild rocker design
  • Orthotic Insole For Foot Pain-Free

    All GRW shoes come with anatomical orthotic insoles that offer the best solution for sensitive feet and reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot
    - Arch placement is proven to help relieve plantar fasciitis and common heel/arch pain.
    - Provide excellent support for flat feet

  • Alignment and Biomechanical Efficiency

    The contour, position, and height of Groovy’s unique arch support align in the proper place to help support our bodies from the ground up. In addition, it helps to support natural alignment, relieving strain on your knees hips, and back.

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